Yesterday, NASA made an amazing announcement. It was stated that the Curiosity rover which reached Mars last year sent back data which can be interpreted as evidence of conditions once suitable for life on the planet. Since hearing the news, I’ve been reading stuff about the mission, scientists’ comments on the matter, watching TED talks related to the Curiosity mission, basically trying to find out what this really means. It’s so exciting for me personally to find out more and more on the subject and to see how science is taking us further step by step.

Totally different topic, today the Vatican elected its new Pope. All of a sudden, my Twitter feed was flooded with tweets sharing the news, many news websites and blogs commenting on this big(!) event, millions of people discussing the topic on the internet. Yesterday on the other hand, I saw like two or three tweets about the news from NASA concerning the possibility of life on Mars and I had to search the science websites and blogs in order to find detailed information. No news website was announcing the news on its front page really.

This whole thing once again made me realize how pathetic most of the humanity is, paying so much attention to something which has not brought us any advancement or helped us in any useful way throughout the history and simply ignoring such a huge scientific discovery which could play an important role for the being of mankind in the next thousands and millions of years to come. Science is ignored once again while religion is under the spotlights. Really sad…

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