I just finished reading “The Magic of Reality” by Prof. Richard Dawkins. In fact it took just about 5 hours to read this very cool book. As a scientist, I should say some parts of the book were all about stuff I already know and could have easily skipped. But I didn’t, I couldn’t as Prof. Dawkins uses this very interesting method of comparing scientific facts with ancient myths from different parts of the world by different civilizations. Every myth which was created by people thousands or sometimes hundreds or maybe even only some decades(!) ago and how science progressed to defeat these myths are explained in a colorful manner. For instance, what a rainbow, an earthquake, seasons were to ancient people and what they are to us now are told in a simple but educative way by Richard Dawkins. You can find in this book how and why people of ancient civilizations created the myths, the gods and the superstitions they strongly believed and how and why we modern people find them quite silly now thanks to scientific method (well maybe some of us don’t find them all silly yet). To sum up, “The Magic of Reality” is a must read book and a book you could tell your children to read once they start asking questions about things they don’t quite understand yet. Mom, what is a rainbow, why do we have earthquakes, why does the sun set in the evening and so on… Read this book as soon as you can and find out how reality could be so magical…

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